Wonderful opportunity to grab your Dream Job

Motivational Message from the Director

The greatest ambition in my life is to get a government job. My search finally ended in the Secretariat Assistant. Its attractive salary, high promotion scope, incredible power and influence, opportunity to frame and formulate policies and programmes for the government and the public, made me fall in love with the job. I find it the most ideal job in my life. I selected this job mainly because of the incredible promotion scope Once I get selected as Assistant, the rest of my growth is assured. One fine day I can become a Section Officer, a gazetted post. Then later I get promoted as Under Secretary, a post of great power & authority. Next level of growth is Deputy Secretary, a senior management level post which allows me to interact with high power officials of the government on a daily basis. Later I will be elevated to Joint Secretary who formulates and implement policies for the government. Then Additional Secretary, a post equivalent to Department Head. And finally Special Secretary, one among the senior level IAS Officers.  I love it so much that it has become my dream job. I want to get it at any cost. I have started serious preparation. And I have improved a lot in my journey towards success

 I have identified a lot of factors favouring my success. The greatest secret is that the PSC has drastically reduced the syllabus. Just 10 questions for 10 marks from 10 topics. Totally 100 questions for 100 marks. That too objective multiple choice. Conventional topic like history, geography, economics, General English etc have been drastically reduced and substituted with IT, QA, Reasoning etc. Serious candidate can score full mark in most of the topics included in the syllabus. The moment I discovered this secret, I got really excited. I instantly sensed that it is my job. It is as if I almost got the job .If I can drive me with initiative, spirit and enthusiasm, I can grab it easily .It is well within my reach. At no time in my life, I have been so close to a job as of now.

I want success in life. Job is the only way to success. I have no other option. So I identify it as the biggest opportunity in my life. I cannot miss this. I have the ability to study facts and information. I can wonderfully improve myself. I can learn every bit of information in the syllabus. I can make rapid progress in all topics. Slowly and Steadily I am moving towards my goal.

 I know that success is first created in mind, then it is translated into reality. I love this job. I need it badly. I can study and improve myself. I am confident to cover the syllabus before the exam. So I have created success in my mind. I have great faith in myself. I believe in my ability, my knowledge and capacity. If I can make my mind believe, I can win this job, then I know that it my job. Faith and belief are something which even defies logic and reason. If you build up faith, a perfect faith in your ability to win this job, no force in this world can stop you from winning it. Mind it, more than knowledge, it is faith and belief which ensures success.

Time is fast running out. But I am progressing. My knowledge is rapidly increasing. Every day I am learning new information. So technically every day I am getting closer to success. Too much love for the job has put up a lot of tension in my mind. Since I cannot lose this opportunity, there is tremendous pressure in me .Sometime pressure eat up my confidence. Then the faith in me gets disturbed. But I love the challenges. Then I relay more on knowledge. This forces me to build up my knowledge. So as a precaution I am aiming full marks in at least 5 topics. That is why I am investing my whole time to build up knowledge and faith.

When I started my preparation, my score was very low in model exams. Then it has progressed little by little and developed into below average level .Later, it grew to the average level. Now I can score above average mark in any model exam. In some exams I have scored up 65 marks .Still I have more than 50 days for the exam now I know I can go to higher level and exceeds cut off marks shortly. If I drive myself with spirit, force and power, I am capable of putting myself in the middle of the rank list within a few days. And in the final phase of study with, determination & persistence, I can take me to the top level in the rank list. I am 100% sure that if I continue my effort with single minded determination I can win MY DREAM JOB WITH ONE OF THE FIRST 9 RANKS. That is the secret ambition now I keep in my mind. When so many factors favor me – i.e. I can study and improve myself, there are1500 vacancies for the job, the syllabus is simple and learnable. And in at least 5 topics I can score full marks. If I cannot make use of these favorable factors now, I am doing a big injustice to myself, my family and destiny. I cannot wait for another opportunity like this. I need this job now, in this opportunity itself. I have the right to win it. I have ability to get it. I have the qualification to acquire it. I have the potential to tap it. I deserve it through my commitment, determination, hard work and qualification. I can wait no more. I want. Instant assurance that I am winning the job with high mark and top rank. Only I can assure myself because it is my choice, my work, my duty, my responsibility.

SO I ASSURE THAT WHATEVER HAPPENS, I WILL WIN SECRETARIAT ASSISTANT IN THIS OPPORTUNITY WITH TOP MOST RANK. Till I realize that I have one thought, one action, one mission and one destination – TOP RANK in Secretariat Assistant Exam.

Secret of Success

Success is never accidental, nor is it pure luck. It is the result of conscious planning, consistent effort, and determined hard work based on a time bound strategy. So if you want success, you should seek it, plan for it, work it out and make it a reality through single minded determined effort.

Here our aim it to find out the secret of success in Secretariat Assistant examination. There is a sure way to win the examination. Let us explore some of the basic aspect of the examination before we concentrate on the secret of success.

The most attractive feature of Secretariat Assistant is its promotion scope, growth, authority and power. The following is the promotion hierarchy of the Secretariat Assistant :

Number of vacancies

Secretariat Assistant is a state wide examination, i.e., the rank list prepared from the exam is not district based as in the case of PSC L.D Clerk examination, but statewide. Therefore, there will be one rank list for the entire state of Kerala for appointment. Normally 2000 to 3000 candidates are included in the main list of the rank list, 1500 to 2500 candidates will be included in the supplementary list of reservation candidates. On an average, 3500 to 4000 candidates get appointment from every list which last for 3 years.

The above statistics make it clear that one of the best opportunities for a good job based on graduation in Kerala is Secretariat Assistant. Nearly 3000 to 4000 candidates get posted per examination. So if a person makes serious effort to prepare for the examination, considering all the possibilities, chances are that he can definitely win it.

Great Scope for Promotion

An attractive thing about good and powerful government job is that it is hierarchical. A good example is Secretariat Assistant. A person appointed as assistant initially work as a clerk. His work is devious and monotonous. But once he gets the main promotion he becomes Section Officer, a middle management post in Government service. A section officer is a gazetted officer. He works as a manager and supervisor supervising the assistants under him.

When he gets further promotions as Under Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Joint Secretary, he is promoted to the top level management position in government service. He becomes the inevitable part of government decision making. The last phase of promotion is Additional Secretary and Special Secretary

At that level, he becomes level with department heads. A special secretary in Home Department means hierarchically his position is equal to top level police officers. When Government organizes a state level meeting of the top police officers, Home Secretary, Special Secretary (Home), and Additional Secretary (Home) will be special invitees. Now you might have realized the importance of the job Secretariat Assistant.

The Chemistry of Success

Success depends on various factors. One important factor is your love and passion for the thing that you seek in life. If you have great passion, urge and drive for getting something you can get in easily. If you don’t feel the love, need, and urge for something, you will be half minded, confused, and don’t apply your initiatives and energy to get it. So if you need this job, first of all, you should like the job, love it, feel great passion for it, and apply all your energy and enthusiasm for getting it. Thus, it becomes a mere formality to get the job.

Since a job is a must in life and there are not much good jobs available in our society, I feel that if you are a graduate, this is one of the job you can definitely focus on. Once you take this decision then, there must not be any going back. Because our time is precious, life is valuable, and we have to achieve a lot of goals in our life in a time bound manner.

You need not worry about the effort and hard work you need to put up for success. If you are a graduate, you can be capable of hard work and you can win it. But the important thing is taking the decision to go for the job, sacrificing all other options. You should have one goal in your mind that is win the job make all other aims secondary. Sideline everything else. Keep on concentrating in this job. Empower yourself day in and day out. Slowly and steadily build up your base. Build up a dogged determination for its success. Then the job will be yours.

Pattern of the examination

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